EPU Pernik

The European Polytechnical University (EPU) is the youngest educational institution in the higher education system in Bulgaria. It was founded on an initiative of a group of prominent Bulgarian scientists and recognised business representatives from various fields of science and practice and supported by private investments. The project for opening the University went through all state procedures for approval required by the Higher Education Act. The University received positive evaluation by the Bulgarian Accreditation Council (resolution of 9 July, 2009) supported by the Council of Ministers and was opened by an official act of the National Assembly in 2010. With the decision of the Accreditation Council the European Polytechnical University has been granted a capacity of 2000 students and doctoral students and the opportunity to develop programmes in other areas of higher education and professional fields. The National Assembly authorises the university to train Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral students in all programmes in two languages - English and Bulgarian. Since 2011/2012 the training in Bachelor’s programmes has been conducted only in English language. 


EPU currently offers five Bachelor’s programmes and ten Master’s programmes. During the academic year 2013/2014 at EPU a total 434 students were trained in five professional fields, including 302 students in Bachelor’s degree (in eight majors) and 132 students in Master’s degree (in 12 majors). The study programmes cover the fields of psychology, administration and management, communication and computer technology, energetics, civil engineering, architecture, geodesy and applied computer sciences. 


For all programmes enrolled students have to pay fees, in Bachelor’s programmes ranging from 750 Euros per semester for students from EU countries up to 1500 Euros for students from nonEU countries. Fees in Master’s programmes reach from 1000 to 2000 Euros per semester. 


According to the mission of EPU, the university strives to be a centre of interaction among modern education, scientific research and innovations and international academic and business cooperation. The university wants to personalise its relationship with its students and tries to conform to their individual abilities and preferences to prepare them for professional realisation in the market environment of the dynamically changing world. With its mission EPU seeks to distinguish the university from other universities in the Republic of Bulgaria and confirms its identity as a messenger of the progressive ideas of modern higher education with a strong focus on European development.  


In the line with the attempt of integration into the European Higher Education System, EPU pursues a strategy of internationalisation. The international policy of EPU is governed by the idea of using all opportunities which the cooperation with universities, business organisations, NGOs and public authorities from abroad can contribute to its mission and strategic objectives. Further, the institutional profile of the university as polytechnic is in harmony with its internationalisation. The specialties that EPU offers are the most popular in Europe and in the countries from which the students of the university are from. One of the ways to internationalisation is joint work with foreign universities of similar profile. For its four years of operation EPU concluded a number of contracts and agreements with 30 universities in Asia and Europe.


Quelle: Accreditation report 
 Accreditation procedure at European Polytechnical University (EPU) Pernik/Bulgaria “Management and Administration” (B.A.), “Psychology” (B.A.) and  “General Psychology” (M.A.)